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Pros: Fast and easy setup Wider opening adds extra stability to the net Comes with ground stakes for outdoor use
Cons: Weak net allows balls to break through Windier areas might need more stakes for extra stability

RJ Sports Pnet Practice Net

RJ Sports is one of the leading manufacturers of sporting goods and equipments. Unlike other companies that source products, RJ Sports makes its own practice nets and equipment. The company also offers a warranty on all of its products to compensate for any problems that shoppers have.

Driving nets require more stability and durability than other types of nets, and this net from RJ Sports comes with a black target attachment. That attachment connects to the net with ties along the edges that lets you focus on where your ball goes. It also has a depth of five feet that prevents the balls from hitting the net and bouncing back out.

RJ Sports makes this net easy to assemble. Inside the box are five stakes, the nylon net, shock corded poles and a black target attachment. Most golfers will find that they need to use the target to keep balls from bursting through the net, but they might need to attach their own ties. The ties that come with the target often fray and break when tied and untied a few times.

RJ Sports offers a one year warranty on all of its products, and that warranty is valid from the date you purchase your net. You can return it to the company if you encounter any problems, including holes in the back of the net or snapped poles. The poles, while fairly durable, don’t do well when exposed to wind and can snap with a little pressure.

This net has a depth of five feet, a height of eight feet and a width of 10 feet. Its simple design gives a slight angle to the sides, which lets you stand further away or closer to the net when hitting your balls.

Though RJ Sports refers to this as a driving net, it isn’t nearly strong enough for that use unless you use the attached target. The target isn’t large enough to cover the entire back of the net, and a powerful drive can send your shot straight through. It does feature a wide opening and stakes that provide extra stability, but you might find that you need to add a few extra stakes of your own. Overall this is an average net, but for more info on the RJ Sports Net click here.