User rating
Pros: Quick and easy setup Available for use in many different settings Bright target makes it easy to find the mark
Cons: Lacks the strength to unleash your hardest swing Does not perform well under adverse weather conditions

JEF World of Golf Quick Net, 8x10-Feet

JEF World of Golf offers golfers with all of the equipment and training accessories that they will need to improve their performance out on the course. Whether you are in the market for a golf ball cleaning kit or a golf locker, you can buy from JEF World of Golf with confidence.

The JEF World of Golf Quick Net is a flexible aluminum framed system with a shock-chord net. This setup is lightweight and supposedly heavy duty enough to take the pressure of hard shots. While the latter may not be the case, it is difficult to dispute the ease of transport, setup and pull down of this system.

The JEF World of Golf Quick Net is a standard hitting net that has a target areas for golfers to aim at. The system comes in a pleasing black, yellow and white color scheme that will look good in anyone’s yard or office.

This net is a basic model that does not offer golfers with many frills. Other than a lightweight design and an easy to install concept, you will not be getting many whistles or bells when you opt for the JEF World of Golf Quick Net. With that being said, it comes in at a price point that may be its biggest selling feature.

When you purchase this net, you will be getting an 8×10 hitting net that does offer you a wide area to control your shot. The dimensions of the unit when it ships are 7.1 x 7 x 23.8 inches, and the package weighs in at just under eight pounds. The lightweight nature of this product makes it an ideal candidate to take on the road with you when you will not have enough time to find a driving range.

For a basic unit that will go up in a hurry and perform admirably in pleasant weather, the JEF World of Golf Quick Net is not a bad choice. While you will not be blown away with any special features or high-end materials, it is a serviceable model that can get the job done. For more info on this net click here.