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Pros: Large hitting area Durable netting Unique hanging design Net funnels golf balls Indoor or outdoor use
Cons: Setup Cords, rings, and bungee hooks durability

Hank Haney 10 X 10 Hanging Practice Net

Hank Haney is a name that people trust in golf. Haney is one of the best professional golf instructors in the world and famous for coaching 14 time professional major champion Tiger Woods. He has won numerous national and international golf instructor awards with his unique teaching aids and methods. Now he is offering one of his best training aids to the general public. The Hank Haney 10 x 10 hanging net is the perfect practice net for the golf professional or amateur to use indoors or outdoors. The large hitting area and hanging design easily absorb shots from any type of club and funnel golf balls into a small retrieval area.

Many of the golf nets at this price point are not nearly as large or have the indoor/outdoor versatility. The large hanging design makes this net great for absorbing even the hardest shots, but also hinders the setup of the net. It is not easy for the average golfer to hang a 10 x 10 net from tree limbs, posts, or walls. Once the net is setup, the thought of moving it to another location is discouraging.

The actual net seems very durable and should last for many practice sessions. The issue that arises is with the cords, rings, and bungee hooks. These items feel flimsy and do not seem like they will last very long in outdoor elements. Still, all these items are easily replaceable at a local hardware store.

The Hank Haney Hanging Net is a great practice aid for the individual that has the proper area to setup the net. The net offers golfers a large durable hitting area at a great price point. Potential buyers must realize that the net is not easy to setup and may need replacement cords, rings, or bungee hooks at some point. Overall, the Hank Haney Hanging Net is a unique design that that offers the versatility and durability to help golfers practice all of their shots.

Included Items: The Hank Haney Hanging Net includes a large durable net with a 10 x 10 hitting area and comes with all the cord, attachment rings, and bungee hooks needed to set up the net from walls, posts, or trees. For more info on this decent net click here.