User rating
Pros: Easy to set up Provides a large enough area to be useful Very sturdy construction
Cons: Sometimes moves if it is not set up properly

Ez Set-up Golf Driving Net

The Ez Set-up Golf Driving Net is designed for avid golfers who wish to practice their driving skills in their own backyard. In my personal experience with this net, I have found that it does just that. The net serves it’s indended purpose of being able to catch golf balls so you don’t have to go hunting for them later in your backyard like you normally would, which makes it a very convenient item.

Inside the actual box, you are presented with the standard warranty paperwork, set-up instructions, a carrying bag, and of course the net and stand itself. Upon opening the box, it becomes apparant that the manufactures of this specific net used very high quality materials. The first impression that you get after you open up your net is that all the parts of it are made with high quality materials.

The net itself comes with a seemingly complex system of fiber glass rods, metal stands, and stakes. While it may appear to be complex at first, the instructions make the set up process clear and easy. Also included is a carrying bag that I have found to really make it a much more painless process to take your net with you to practice at a friend’s house or wherever else you’d like. Once the net is inside the bag, it takes up an amazingly small amount of space for easy transport.

Many golf practice nets are too small for most players to adaquedately practice their driving. However, the Ez Set-up Golf Driving Net does not have this common problem. It stands at an impressive seven feet tall, and at nine feet wide it makes it an ideal net for home practicing. With a net this size, you need to make sure that there is enough support to hold it up, and this one certainly does. The sturdy rods hold the net perfectly in place and the stakes provided usually keep the net in place (however, it will move if you didn’t put them in properly).

Overall this an OK net, click here for more info, for the price you can’t go wrong however for something longer term we’d recommend the Rukk Nett.