Discover the best golf practice net using our ultimate guide & reviews

How is your golf game? Are you not up to par so to speak? Perhaps you’re too distracted at the golf range or hiring golf balls is getting a bit too expensive. If this has you thinking then perhaps a golf practice net might be just what you’re looking for.

Sometimes we get distracted at the golf range, maybe you’re the same? With too many people at the ranges nowadays not to mention the not so serious golfers messing about it can be difficult to focus, what happens is we end up just hitting the ball opposed to actually focusing on our technique and improving.

If you’re looking to take your stroke to the next level a golf practice net could be the answer, but… you don’t want to go heads in and buy any old golf net, let us help you make that all important decision. Of course everyone will have a preference when it comes to price, size and material but for your individual need you want the best golfing net possible for your money and so we’re here to help.

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The golf nets on this website only begin to scratch the surface, it would be impossible to review every single golf net available in the world, however we have done out upmost to review a variety of nets from a range of prices and manufactures.

What is a golf practice net?

A practice net is an absolute essential training aid for the aspiring golfer, depending on the net you can practice your stroke anywhere that takes your fancy using your driver, wedge, iron or putter.

Do you think that the likes of Tiger Woods, Nick Faldo, Lee Trevino and Jack Nicklaus would have gotten to where they were without practice? A practice net makes it so much more convenient and accessible to quickly get some practice in, not only can they be used outdoors but some golf nets can be used indoors too so if it’s a little cold outside you can still get your practice in.

How to find a net that suits your needs?

At the top of this page you’ll see our interactive comparison chart on many of the top golfing nets on the market today. Before you start practicing for your next PGA take a look on what’s on offer in our guide. Overall, rather than some guy talking on youtube about which golf net to choose; look at the criteria to decipher your needs to help make the best buying decision.

Golf Practice Nets Save Time and Money While Honing your Game

Using a golf practice net at your home is a great way to rehearse your swing whenever you have a few free minutes without making a trip to the course. Once you spend the money to purchase the net, all of your future practice sessions will be free of charge – unlike buying buckets of balls at your local driving range. Many practice nets can be put up and taken down in just minutes, making them convenient for impromptu practice without an undue amount of effort.

In order to get the most out of your experience with a golf practice net, use the following four simple tips to guide you through the process of purchasing and using the net. When these tips are followed, you will end up with a net that is perfect for you and helps you quickly improve your swing for better results on the course.

Four Golf Practice Net Tips

Tip #1 – Leave it Up or Take it down

When trying to decide on a practice net to purchase for home use, the first question you should ask yourself is whether or not you will leaving the net up on a semi-permanent basis, or if you will put it up and down for each time you practice. The answer to this question will dictate which style and size of net you want to purchase. If you have a nice spot in your yard that can be dedicated to the golf net, pick a larger net that takes a little longer to install but will stand very steady during use. A bigger net will allow you to hit more shots and will likely last a bit longer as well.

If you don’t have the spare space and will need to be taking your net up and down, look for convenience above all else. Find a net that not only goes up in a flash, but comes down and stores easily as well. If you pick one that is more difficult to put up and down, you will be less likely to practice with it because of the inconvenience. Read reviews on ease of use and make that your number one consideration for the purchase.

Tip #2 – Consider Your Ability

While you are certainly purchasing a golf practice net with the intention of improving your game, take a moment to think about your current ability level. Do you already hit the ball rather hard, or are your shots relatively light coming off the club? Big hitters will be able to hit the ball through some of the cheaper nets on the market. Because of that, those with powerful swings will want to buy a higher end product to make sure the ball doesn’t rocket through the back of the net and create a dangerous situation. If you are a softer hitter, or you only plan to use the net for short irons and chip shots, the netting strength will be less of a concern.

Tip #3 – What is Your Budget?

As with any buying decision, budget is a concern that has to figure prominently in your shopping. Before starting out to make your purchase, set a budget and then pick from the nets within that range. Even with a modest budget, you should be able to find several different nets to consider for your needs. Having a budget in mind will not only make sure you don’t spend more than you can afford, but it will also help narrow the field of nets down to a select few. In fact, you will probably find the decision making and buying process quite simple once you know exactly how much you want to spend.

Tip #4 – Give your Whole Bag a Workout

Once you golf practice net is purchased and set up, you need to have a good plan to get the most out of your practice time. One of the best ways to work on your swing with a net at home is to go up and down through your golf bag hitting each club along the way. Start with your sand wedge and hit three balls. Follow that with your pitching wedge, 9-iron, and so on. Go all the way up to your driver and then work your way back down. With this routine, you will hit about 100 total shots and have given a good work out to your swing with all different clubs.

Obviously, you can’t see where the ball would go when hitting into a net in your backyard or garage. However, there are still some valuable lessons to be learned when using the net. The most important of those lessons is finding a way to make consistent contact with the ball in the sweet spot of the club. It can actually be easier to do this when hitting into a net because you won’t be as concerned with the end result of the shot. Keep your eyes down on the ball throughout the swing and pay attention to how the ball feels coming off the club. A good shot will feel easy coming off the club – a mishit shot will be noticeable and might even sting your hands slightly. With practice, the good shots will happen more often and you will be able to take your progress out onto the course.


One of the biggest challenges for golfers making improvements in their game is simply finding enough time to practice. While you might not be able to get the practice range very often, you can certainly squeeze in time for a quick session in your back yard. Keep a bucket of old golf balls on hand and you will be amazed at how quickly you can improve your game. Check out our comparison chart above for help in finding the net that is perfect for you, and hit ‘em straight!